Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Happy Birthday Dave

Wow, what an amazing day!! You made it to 55 years old baby. 20 months ago, we didn't know if you would see this. Our faith was strong but the enemy kept trying to kill you. WE will overcome and you will be restored to health. Here you are on Father's Day, with me and Jarrod. I love you sweetie. Even with all the changes in your personality, and all of the things we face each day, I still love you my darling. Happy Birthday (ohh yeah you are now eligible for Sr. Citizen discounts. LOL, well in some places)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Some great Bargain Lots I have on eBay..

                                                                   Bargain Box #5

These are  a couple of the ones I have listed, I have them for only 15.00 I am trying to clear out some of the jewelry I have accumulated. I will be adding more every week. So be sure to visit my eBay store and check it all out.

Monday, July 09, 2018

So what am I doing besides selling jewelry?

Well, we moved to my hometown, where I was born, where I haven't lived since I was 9 years old. Very small town, a big change from living in a large town, with any type of shopping or restaurants you want. So a big change. Why did we move? Well when your husband becomes disabled and your income changes you have to decrease your expense, and this small town has a lower cost of living. But the main reason is we came back to ministry, I am the children's pastor in a church here in my town now. Loving working with kiddos again. What else am I doing? I have 3 flea market booths, two here in my town and one in a town west of us. I enjoy sourcing for the booths. I still do my virtual assistant work for my author friend June. And of course I do online reselling on eBay, Etsy and Poshmark.
On the personal front, Dave and I have changed our way of eating, and are adopting a low carb lifestyle, we have counted calories off and on for YEARS, but when you stop, guess what, you regain the weight. Soo in May we started backing off the carbs and really went full blown with it at the end of May (28th) We have both lost weight and are feeling MUCH better!! I will share a May 28th picture and a today picture for you.
 May 28th
June 14th

I am down about 21 pounds. I feel much better. Unfortunately I donated that first shirt I was wearing, LOL forgot I needed to keep it for pictures.