Monday, February 07, 2005

My God moment....

Last husband and I faced a MAJOR and I mean MAJOR setback for us, and we were really down, disappointed, hurt, and even angry...I was online and saw a cd case lying in the floor and picked it up and it was a cd that a friend had given me a while back that was a mixture of many artist...well there was this song on that cd called A Different Road by Kathy Troccoli, from her Corner of Eden cd, and the words in that song really spoke to me...right to where I was...and I just boohoooed...welll I got to thinking you know I have that cd, in fact I bought it right after it came out and listened to it once and didnt really care for I had just laid it aside..well I was going thru some stuff for a sale I am having in a few days..and I put it in to sale, now the funny thing about that cd is I tried selling it on a message board that has a trading post, and I also tried to give it away on freecycle, and NO one wanted...of course NOW I know it was God keeping it for this time, as we dug the cd out of the stack of cds, and played it there were two other songs on the CD that ministered to us, one of them was called He will make a that not the coolest God thing...
~Blessings, Cindy~
A Different Road
from "Corner of Eden"

I’ve traveled long
I’ve traveled hard
And stumbled many times along the way
I’ve bruised my knees a lot
And turned my back on God
And seen His mercy
I’ve been quick to judge
And slow to learn
So many times I’ve gotten in the way
I think I know so much
I’ve questioned God enough
But still He loves me

So now I’ll walk a different road
I want to see Him there before I even go
I’ve run ahead and gone too slow
I’ve got to be still now
Wait upon His will now
This time,
It’s gonna be His time

Don’t want to live without
The peace that comes to me
When I am by His side
I’ve known the freedom there
Can’t find it anywhere
But in Christ Jesus
I believe He’s got a plan
Everything in His time
I may not always understand
Everything in His time
Everything in His time

by K. Troccoli, B. Sudano, N. DiGesare
He Will Make a Way
from "Corner of Eden"

I know that you’re discouraged
But you’re not alone
There is absolutely no situation
Out of His control
One door may close
Another will open
Jesus is healer of all that is broken

He will make a way
Where there is no way
He will bring His peace
Where there is no peace

Watch Him put together
What’s been torn apart
He can soften up the most
Hardened of hearts

He will make a way
Where there is no way

Don’t you go believin’ lies
He’s not forgotten you
There’s gonna be another
Higher, greater place He will take you to
Watch Him move mountains
Ride you through the waves
He can deliver in the darkest of days

There is no war
He doesn’t win
When you’re at your end
He’s just beginning

He will make a way
Where there is no way

Our only hope is in Him
No matter what this life can bring
Jesus stands alone
As the God of impossible things

Watch Him move mountains
Ride you through the waves
He can deliver in the darkest of days

by K. Troccoli, N. DiGesare, B. Sudano