Wednesday, March 02, 2005

LOTS has happened in the past two weeks....

Well we came and had our first services the weekend of the 20th and we moved down here to Glenwood, on the 23rd of the month...we rented a trailer in town, and we really like it, it is very nice. We have had marvelous services all of our services, we have been having 6-8 each service, however this past Sunday night we had 19, we were very is really a exciting thing to be part of this..
We are nearly completely unpacked, all we like is the boys room, but are waiting to get them each a new bed, we are hoping to get them each a captains bed, for the storage issues. We started back to homeschooling this week since we have so much unpacked, I am not so sure the boys are loving that though...LOL!!

Keep our church and our family in your prayers!
God Bless