Friday, April 14, 2006

The end of the week NOT how I planned for it to end

the boys and I went to cut grass at the church today, with the agreement that Dave would come out and do the ditches when he got off, the boys and I get out there, and our mower dies, we take it to a repair shop, and BUY another mower, Dave gets there and starts on the ditches and gets to the steep part, and slips and his foot went up under the mower, and it ate his tennis shoe up, but thank God for thick tennis shoes or prolly there would be no toes, however his toes (3 or 4) of them are broke, he was hurting sooo bad, and was laying there just screaming and the neighbor came over and he was a emt and he diagnosed what I already knew, that his toes were broke, we were sure there was going to be blood, but the broke toes are very very painful he nearly passed out with pain. And everytime he gets up now he gets really clammy, and it wears him out. WE need prayer for quick healing, Dave has no sick time, nor any vacation time, yet. With us closing on our house the end of this month we really need him not to miss much work if any...Please pray for us..