Friday, January 12, 2007


I havent done much crafting, but I did finish another scarf and I liked it so well I kept it for me...LOL I also started a afghan and I actually think I have hopes of finishing it, because it is moving faster than the other one...that is my problem with crafting projects, if they take too long I loose interest.
Frugal tip (first one of the year) a great money saving tip on groceries is less meat, even buying fresh veggies is cheaper than buying meat. There are some delishious meals to be made so I will share a favorite of mine...I took half a head of cabbage and cored it and chopped it, along with half a bell pepper chopped coarse not tiny peices and a quarter of a onion corse chopped too, and I started sauteeing them in a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil. I let them get cooked until tender, and then I add hosein sauce and soy sauce, a bit of salt and pepper. Which that is all cooking I am cooking a bit of spaghetti. Pasta is inexpensive and with that many veggies you dont need much pasta, like two ounces of pasta with that amount of veggies makes a large plate full and it is wonderful tasting, it taste like resturant chow mein to me...yummy.

I also have taken and sauteed onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes and some italian seasoning and salt and pepper and pasta, another great dish, and again calorie friendly because you dont need a lot of pasta with soo many yummy veggies.