Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stocking up...

Watch those sale papers for great sales and stock up...our grocery store is having their 51st anniversary sale and they have some great sales for 51 cents... Ketchup (bought 3 bottles) Frozen waffles bought 6 packages...frozen burritos 2 for 51 cents bought 12, last week they had the store brand of grands for 51 cents and I bought a bunch of those...I have stocked my freezer, and my pantry to overflowing the past two weeks for less than 80.00 total...lots of things I know I am forgetting...salt (2 boxes for 51 cents Mortons brand) Jiffy Cornbread mixes for 2 for 51 cents..Martha White muffin mixes for 51 cents.... LOTS of stuff...and yeah while there was lots of convience foods, it was such good prices we stocked up for times when we are in a rush...also they had split fryer breasts for 51 cents a pound..

So todays tip is take advantage of your sales for stock up time..