Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ok...sometimes things just strike me funny...

but I was watching tv and there was a ad for this medicine that is for restless leg the end they are telling of some side effects and it gave all these side effects and said to tell your of the side effects was "an urge to gamble" okkkkkkkkkkk I have never heard of that as a side effect...very interesting..
makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

All is well on the home has been warm in AR but all the rain we had in late June and early July has helped to keep our grass and garden growing..and our humidity has been lower than usual for this time of the year, which helps with the heat index..
Planted some fall greenie beanies..heheh and they are up and starting to bloom..I love gardening..hehe it is funny my mom had to nearly beat me to make me help her when I was a kid...LOL