Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Really inexpensive dinner..

tonight for dinner I made some bean burritos, used 2 cans of refried beans (2 for 1.00) and a pack of tortillas (79) and a half a block of cheese (90 cents) plus I fried up the left over tortillas for chips and a small jar of my homemade salsa...YUMMY and super inexpensive. Actually less than 1.00 per serving (for four of us) I love doing inexpensive meals...plus no having any meat really added to the savings..so tell me about some of your inexpensive meals..

OHHH and a friend tried my biscuit recipe that I posted a few days (week or so) ago and said it was good..I dont measure nothing so I had guestimated those measurements..ROFL
On the trying the new product...I do like the Vista, it cleaned well and removed the smells like Tide does for me (the joys of teenage boys ROFL) It is DEFINITELY a buy again product, I am making ticks on the box to see how many loads I get out of the box.

Have a good frugal day with lots of savings