Monday, May 19, 2008

soo I havent posted in a while...

ROFL...I havent felt frugal, with the high prices I try to find the best bargains, and it seems so hard these days..I know I am whining..I blogged last week on my xanga about getting mad about buying gas, we filled up both of our vehicles and it cost 167.00 that made me just about cry..
All of you frugal gals (and guys) need to give me some ideas, I have a garden planted, and it is doing really good, I have mainly beans and potatoes planted, some broccoli, and carrots, tomatoes and zuchinni. I will be happy if they make a good crop...potatoes and beans will keep well. I plan on letting the beans dry on the vine...(they are pintos) my berry bushes are blooming really nicely, so hopefully the nasty birds wont eat them all up from us..and we can freeze some for winter usage..