Friday, June 20, 2008

okies...meat savings

I dont know if your part of the country has this, but we have a couple of grocery stores around here that does this..they offer 5 packages of meat for 19.95. By watching the weight and the prices I can really get some great deals and savings, here is what I did today. I got two packages of hamburger, two packages of split fryer breasts and one package or pork steaks. If I had to pay the sticker price for each pack I would have paid 35.50 (so I saved 15.55 there) I got 15.47 pounds of meat which averages out to 1.29 a pound. Not bad. It has been a while since our local store has had any meat on sale cheaper than this a pound. When they do have sales I stock up.. but if no sales we do the 5 for 19.95 deal. The store we get this at is in town, but Dh stops on his way home and picks it up unless I have other errands in town,which I did today.