Tuesday, June 17, 2008

time to get back on track...

wellllll it is time to start watching those pennies...and nickels and dimes..LOL we broke down and bought a small car to help save on gas, which will pay part of the payment, but I will need to be on my game frugally. This means watching the grocery bill close, no eating out, and no frivoulous spending...ohh joy.

sooo one thing we are really doing is the 5 for 19.95 meat deals that is available in our area. We can stretch those 5 packages to last 7 or 8 days. Our garden is doing good, nothing to eat out of it yet, but we have beans on the vines that we will let dry on the vine (they are pintos) we have potatoes under our vines, we will let them get bigger. We have baby (baby baby) carrots. And tons of squash blossoms and the tomatoes are blooming. Thinking about what I can plant for a fall garden.

I need to plan meals better, eat out of the freezer as much as possible..

Also I think I have one of my cell phone plans expiring in August, if so I wont be renewing it, wont save tons of money but it will be a bit..