Wednesday, February 18, 2009

some tips

well these will be *different* types of hints than I have ever done, but they are my survival hints for me for right now in my life.
*dont let anyone tell you how to express your grief, we are individuals and no one grieves the same way, do what is right for YOU*
*cooking is not a must when your life is falling apart, eat cereal, eat frozen waffles, make sure you eat, so you dont get sick, but dont worry about not cooking every night
*talk about your loved one who has passed, if it makes people uncomfortable, they have the problem not you
*sleep when you can, take something to help you sleep if you need it
* write it down, if your a writer, write down your thoughts, if your a talker, find someone to talk to
*ask questions, especially to your surviving child or children
* dont be afraid to say to people that you had rather NOT answer their questions
* dont be afraid to turn your phone off, life wont end if you miss a call, there is voicemail
* you will not be all right and everything back to normal in just a few days, your life is forever changed and you have to learn how to live it, this way.
*love yourself and your family, share your love with them, share your hard moments with them, do not close out your family and friends.

Feel free to add anything you think would help our family during this time of grieving..