Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dont be fooled..

Some posts just for April fool's day...

Don't be fooled, know your products, the prices and the packaging sizes to know if that is a great the slow economy, lots of places are having "sales" to lure in the shopper, but it is not a bargain, so dont be fooled by these words: sale, clearance, last chance buy, special. Know what your shopping for and what you truly need.

Don't be fooled, Just because that great dress is on sale, doesnt mean you have to buy it, questions to ask yourself...Where will I wear this dress? How many times will I wear this dress? If I dont buy this dress, will I have regrets? If I buy this dress will I have buyers remorse? Is this dress practical for my lifestyle? (you really dont want to wear a evening dress to a country church for Easter) Be a wise shopper, Do Not be fooled this April Fool's Day...

Happy shopping,