Saturday, August 22, 2009

too much of a good thing...

so do you go to your freezer and find, WOW that sale must have been awesome, look how many ___________ (fill in the blank) I bought.

A friend and I were chatting this morning and she mentioned that they have like 4 turkeys in their freezer, mine is pork steaks (it is hard to pass up a pack for a couple of dollars) so I decided to come here and see how you, my frugal friends can come up with ways to cook turkey or pork steaks, you dont have to include a recipe, just post the name of the dish..we can google recipes. UNLESS you have a awesome one then post it!!!

So for the pork steaks, this week this is what I have done with them, we had some that were pulverized, pounded, like a minute steak and I dredged them in a coating and fried them and we served them on top of spaghetti, with sauce and mozeralla cheese, like chicken parmesian only pork parm..LOL

Tonight I am making a huge pan of pork fried rice.

We also just fry them up and eat with potatoes and gravy.

So give me some pork ideas.

When my friend mentioned her turkeys, the first thought that popped in my head was turkey tetrazini (sp) we like turkey sandwiches with steak sauce on them for zip. How about it, how do you like to serve or eat turkey??