Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comfort foods..

ohhhhhhhhh I just heard you all sigh as you read the title. Now I know that nutritionists and doctors and people who coach you to loose weight, want you to have NO comfort foods, to only look at food as fuel for your body...but lets just admit it, we all have our "go to" comfort foods.

Foods that we eat and feel like we are home, wrapped in a cozy blanket. Or that our granny is nearby. This week at our house, it about comfort food.

Last night I made a HUGE pot of chicken and dumplings, I ate one bowl full and my son and husband just about wiped out the rest. Chicken and dumplings are a huge comfort food here, when it started cooling down that was one of the first things Jarrod asked me to cook.

Tonight I am making chicken and dressing. Jarrod has been talking about dressing for over a week now, we were talking about our holiday plans, and he was like I dont care where we go, or if we go no where at all, I just want chicken and dressing. So tonight he will get some early.

I got tickled at him, on Monday when we were in North Arkansas to decorate John's grave, for lunch we went to the Huddle House, and he ordered chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy. That boy loves gravy. like seriously loves gravy. LOL (and of course he is skinny as a rail)

Share with us, what is your favorite comfort food? Do you have favorite comfort foods you only in during certain times of the year? Like the dumplings, I dont make soups of any kind when it is warm, it has to be a cool or downright cold day for a soup here. Please share in the comments about your favorites.