Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

well it is the eve of Christmas Eve.  Are you ready?  All is ready here, presents wrapped, groceries bought for special meals, and treats to be made and taken to family gathering over the weekend.  Dave does have school tomorrow, but otherwise all is ready here.  I do need some batteries for some gifts but those can be picked up tomorrow or this afternoon, and that is it.  Even the dogs have treats for the big day. 

I hope it is COLD on Christmas Day, I really dont like warm Christmas Days, I like sitting by the fire and enjoying the company of my family.  Usually there is a ball game on tv and it is going.  The boy(s) are checking out their gifts, and I am happy to just be in the midst of my beloved family.  This year is hard with John gone, we are reminded of our loss, especially at a time when family is so dear and near.  We know that he is having a smashing Christmas season in heaven, but while it makes us happy to know where he is, it doesnt make it easier to have our earthly Christmas without him.  If we cross your mind on Christmas Day whisper a prayer for us all. 

God bless You all and Merry Christmas