Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

well the year 2009, is coming to an end.  I am happy to see this year go, so many of my friends have said it has been a rough year for them, as it has been for us also.  Years like this make me old, tired and sick.  To say I don't feel well is truth, I am tired all the time, my heart races alot more than it did last year, and I have gained weight this year.  All of this I know is directly related to the depression I have and am suffering due to loosing my son.  But I can't let depression nor life in general keep me down.  I have to move forward.  Pressing toward the mark is how the Apostle Paul said it.  I have a mark to press towards. 

Tonight at midnight we start our annual Daniel Fast.  My mind screams no, I can't do this, my body protests, it really likes meats and sweets and caffeine.  My spirit says, you can do this, you are not beaten by the enemy, you will survive this 21 days.  (and the two days after it, which will be the anniversary of the incident and of John's death)   And I will.  There is no other option! I press toward the mark.....

This year I pray and hope to be more active with this blog, posting more helpful hints and tips.  I wish all my readers and dear friends a Happy New Year!  Be blessed again in 2010!