Monday, December 14, 2009


tomorrow I think I will wrap the few presents I need to get wrapped, there arent many as we told family we just couldnt do much this year with Dave going to school full time.  I am also going to check my scraps and hopefully (pretty positive I have enough) am going to make three new stockings.  I truly dont think I can bring myself to get out our "regular" stockings this year, they are all kept together, and I just dont think I can bear seeing four of them.  So I will make new ones, I saw a super cute one online the other day and I am thinking I will make one like it. 

Saturday our Christmas begins, we will go to my parents for our family Christmas with my parents, and brother and his family.  My brother has grown children and young children too, so we will see all of them, and have our family Christmas dinner.  Building myself up for that. 

What does your week hold?