Tuesday, February 02, 2010

6 More Weeks of Winter (Time out Tuesday too)

Yes, that old groundhog saw his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter.  Which is fine by me, we havent had much winter here, just a couple of small snows in my area, and a week of really cold weather.  We need a few weeks of cold weather.  It just isnt winter without some cold weather.  Now all of my Northern friend and followers are probably packing rocks in a snowball to throw at me.  *cheesy grin* you know who you are LOL. 
Plans for the day, really not many, yesterday Darling Dave, after being home for 4 days (he missed school Friday and Saturday due to the snow and it being closed) got in a cleaning mood and we all cleaned.  OHH joy...I dont enjoy that, but it needed to be done.  I have a turkey in the fridge thawing, I cut off one half of the breast yesterday and made turkey strips (like chicken strips) today I am going to boil both of the quarters and debone it, using half for dinner tonight, freezing the other half for another meal later.  Then I am going to cut the other breast half in strips and freeze for another meal, and then I will put that carcass in a big stock pot and boil and pick all the meat off the bone, and freeze it along with broth for turkey and noodles I expect to get enough broth and meat for at least 3 meals if not four.  That turkey is going to provide us with at least 7 to 8 meals.  And even more if I have my way and stretch that bird out. 
I was watching a show the other day and it had a very interesting point about buying things that cost alot, it was talking about looking at the over all usage, now in this instance they were talking about clothing and figured up based on one year how many times the person would wear that item and how much the cost per wearing would be. I found this fascinating, because I had never looked at it like that.  PLUS I was thinking most things last longer than a year, so your cost per wearing greatly decreases after you start wearing something the second year. 
That same lesson applies to my turkey, now turkeys arent cheap but if I look at how many meals I can get from one bird, then it is easier to plunge on that  initial cost, this bird however was free, a gift from church members during pastor appreciation month.  So look at everything you buy, with this thought in mind "how many meals, or how many times will I use this"  figure it up in your head and see if the cost is worth that plunge.  Happy Frugal Shopping!!!

Don't forget it is "Time out Tuesday" What will you do for you, today during your time out?? Today for my time out, I am going to listen to a cd while I crochet on a tam I am making. Please share your time out Tuesday idea