Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Out Tuesday...

so what is your idea of a good time out for today...me I am thinking I need a snow day. ROFL  Now that I am working at a state university, I get days off like schools, but right now the next holiday I believe will be off is spring break at the end of March, UNLESS we have a snow day...so I think I need a time out snow day..ROFL...OHHH I heard you northerners groan..ROFL..

I am enjoying the job, and as soon as my body starts toughening up, it will be all GOOD..but man oh man have I been sore...I am a pansy..ROFL

I miss playing online all day...but maybe I wont miss it near as bad when I get my first check, and once I get used to the work and am not just wiped out when I get home, I still have lots of time in the evenings for online fun. 
Take care and say a prayer for me this week!!