Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday wrap up....

well what a week...LOL I havent blogged in a week or so.  So what has been going on my little yellow house....welll my little yellow house has been enduring some cleaning....ROFL.  We washed the cabinets and I mopped the kitchen and living room, we also stripped all the cushion covers off the couch and love seat and washed them, along with the pillows on the couch and love seat.  (7 large pillows and 4 small ones, 5 cushion covers) (Wednesday) On Thursday we took down the curtains in the living room and kitchen and washed them, wiped down the walls, and the window frames and door frames, took out the vents on the window unit in the living room and washed them.  We also sprayed for fleas (UGH) I also made the dog a bed out of an old quilt and old pillows, she likes it very well)Today, we cleaned the ceilings and ceiling fans and then vaccumed it up. Then we headed to town to buy a few things at Lowes to finish some other projects. 
It has been a busy week to say the least.   Sunday will be my darling Dave's birthday and I have promised to make him a blackberry cobbler, for his birthday.  Tomorrow we have a project we will work on for my bed.  I cannot stand my bed to be low to the floor, so a normal hollywood style metal frame just don't work for me, so for the past 4 years it has been sitting on cement blocks (yes you read that right) so we bought a 4x4 post and will make some legs for the bed frame to get it up higher and to get the bricks back outside..LOL. 
The temps have been nice this week, only in the lower 90's upper 80's.  We had some rain this week and that was good. 
Now you know where I have been, what have you all been up to??