Monday, September 27, 2010

It's been a while...

Since I blogged here.  I have been busy, and that is a understatement.  We did get moved, and have jumped into the new job and stay busy.  Lots of office time, lots of computer work, but I do enjoy it all.
We recently had a flood, just in our house, not our town.  We woke up on Sunday morning (9-19)to our entire downstairs apt flooded.  ACK!! Well thankfully nothing of great value was lost, some papers were ruined but they truly were papers that should have been shredded YEARS ago.  So everything is fixed, and the carpet is dry but it smells musty.  I dont think there is mold growing, but it is just a musty smell, so today you can leave me a tip of how to remove a musty smell from your home.
I came back to add this, the weather here is glorious (to quote a friend) so I have my window open, yes window, I only have one screen (bummer) for the 5 windows in this apt.  I am hoping the fresh air helps with the smell too.
Thanks and have a great day!!!