Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sometimes the cheapest way isnt the best...

A comment, left by one of my blogging friends made me think about this post.  As frugal people we always like to get things cheap or free or hugely discounted, but her comment made me think about this concept. 

It was about my haircut, and about my husband cutting my hair.  Yes my husband is a barber and yes he has cut my hair, but it isnt the best for both of us.  It is the cheapest option, but not the best option, because it stresses him out, he can do it, but he would rather pay for me to have it done, so saving him the stress is the best option. 

Other ways I have found that the cheapest is not always the best is printer ink, yes I can buy off brand inks, but I find the name brand for my printer gives me more copies and better quality printing.  And since I use my printer at church making bulletins, flyers, etc, I want great quality printing. 

For the most part I use off brands, because they save me money and I cannot tell a difference in the products and in name brand products.  But a few things I am always wanting the name brand on is laundry soap, I have tried the make your own, I don't like it.  And if I dont like a product it doesnt matter how cheap it is, there are no savings for me, because I wont use it. 

Please share some ways that you have found that cheaper is not better...

Have a awesome FALL day!!