Monday, May 09, 2011

Thrifted Treasures on Mother's Day

here are the pictures....I have been crafting with these items, I will explain each picture
First off is the wooden bowl, it has somethign in the bottom of it, it flakes off so I am hoping when I oil it that it will come out.  it is very dry, but was only 1.00
Ok this picture is of the bell vase/container that I bought for 2.00 and the crystal cut plate was 1.00 (the candlestick I glued it to was from my yardsaling on Saturday and I gave 1.00 for the pair because there was good chip on the candlestick holder area of one of them, didnt matter to me, I was gluing that part to a plate, I added a cabinet handle to the top of the jar (1.05 at the hardware store) So all put together it is a lovely cloche for a total of 4.55 cents
 This one is just a clear scalloped plate has bubbles in the design of it, glued to the candlestick, plate was 1.00 and the candlestick is the second one of the pair bought on 1.50 and I will top it with a 1.00 cheese dome, a perfect small cloche

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some more pics with more detail...

Better pictures of the plates, and I put my deer horns in the wooden bowl, I cleaned up the deer horns soaking them in bleach to take off the grime from being outside