Saturday, May 07, 2011

Thrifting and yard saling treasures...OHH yeah!!

So today I hit the thrifts stores and a couple of yards sales...SCORE!!!

here is a picture of my treasures...

I bought all of it for 17.50  the big hurricane vase was 3.00, the plate was 3.00 the set of four juice glasses were a dollar, you can see some of the things, but there is a necklace set, two sets of beads, a set of earrings with a necklace pendant, the black thing is like a notebook cover, and the pink thing is a new set of Avon compacts in a notebook type thing..and a box of Christmas cards, and of course I couldnt pass up the cheese dome...LOVE yard sales!!!  The things that really dont show up in this picture are, two sets of beads, the necklace pendant and earring sets (two of those, one with a brown stone, and one with a green stone) Ohhh and a little silver box that has a key on it...very cute... and the glass candlesticks in the back...and unfortunately my son already broke my cheese dome, he dropped it as he took it out of the dishwasher...*cry* but I will find another one I am sure!!

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