Monday, September 19, 2011

How am I??

I thought I would use this question(left on a comment) as a post.  I am doing good.  Life is changing for us, my oldest son started college this year.  After years of homeschooling I find myself no longer having to check work, or grade things.  This is good, but it leaves me kinda with more time on my hands.  I am strongly considering volunteering for CASA, still working on that one.  I also have been reading tons (I was sooo behind) and catching up on that. 
We are coming up on October, which brings our John's birthday.  He would have been 17 this year.  A junior in high school, so that makes me sad, knowing that a bright life was cut short but a stupid "game".  But the Lord gives us grace to know that John is in heaven and we just continue to process and move through the grief that comes with this type of situation. 
Dave is barbering and doing well and LIKING it very much, we still continue to work in a ministry position, and life is going good. 

Somethings you can pray about, first of all is my daddy, he is having some tests done, so we need a good report!!  That God will continue to lead us and guide us into His perfect will for our lives. 

Thanks to all my faithful friends and readers who check on me!! Love ya'll!