Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Todays tip

Todays tip is, dont automatically reject something because of looks. Today is half price day at our local Salvation Army, everything is half priced INCLUDING the furniture, but you have to be quick because the flea market sellers and used furniture dealers get there early, but today there was a tan colored microsuede couch, has nail head trim, bun feet, but the seat cushions were dirty, but nothing else was, just the cushions, it was 75.00 making it 37.50 at half price, I whipped out my tide pen to see if the spots would come off, and they did, so I bought it, I was looking for a couch, since my last one died a miserable death last year.
For 37.50 I have a lovely new couch, well 37.50 and some elbow grease cleaning the cushions but they came right clean...and it is very nice...
wanna see it?? here ya go