Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you frugal??

I find I can be oh so frugal about many things and other things I am not frugal.  I have got to find a balance.  So here we go, I really get serious about saving money on groceries, but like to eat out also, which is not frugal.  I mean really why go out to eat when there is food at home? It doesn't make sense.  Even to me.  So what about some other areas.  I once read about a woman who loved to use coupons, and then would pay for her items with a credit card, but wouldn't pay off the balance, thus causing her to have finance charges and interest on items she had worked so hard to coupon for.
I don't use many coupons, but I know that some people get lots of free things thru coupons, but I just dont seem to get the hang of it.  So tell me about your frugal successes and your frugal fails.