Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some tips...

Use the resources you have, the internet has matchups for coupons and sales in your area.

Most grocery stores have online weekly ads, in case you do not get a paper

If you are not finding many coupons there are coupon clipping sites just google coupon clipping

Learn how to fix things that are easy fixes, my rubber gasket pulled loose on my washing machine, it was a frustrating fix and took two of us to get the wire that held it in place back on, but we did it and it saved us a service call for our machine.

Use what you have, my husband needed a new sign for his shop, we used my new cricut (my birthday present) to cut the letters out of vinyl for the sign.

One of the biggest savings we have seen at our home lately is in groceries, you may ask how with the prices going up, we have started counting calories, and the smaller portions mean less meat used, so it goes farther, and meat is the most expensive part of our grocery bill. (ohh and for those wondering, I have lost 18 pounds since June 28th and dh has lost 28 pounds) share some of your tips to make your life easier and your bucks go further!!