Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have you missed me?? What's cooking?

WOW, I havent posted here in a while, it has been a wild month.  My mother in law had surgery and her short hospital stay turned into a long one.  I stayed busy with that.  Very busy.

So today I thought I would share what I have been cooking lately....
I enjoy cooking when I am home long enough to do so...ROFL

So we will work backwards

Last night was
Great northern beans with sausage, mac and cheese and cornbread
Tuesday night was
C.O.R.N (clean out refrigerator night) I baked cookies however (cake mix with pecans rolled in powder sugar)
Monday Night
Potato soup (with sausages) with cheddar biscuits
Roast (beef) Potatoes and Carrots
Chili with fritos
For Thanksgiving I was the pie maker, I made pumpkin pie, pecan pie and two egg custard pies.

On Monday before Thanksgiving I made turkey and dressing with gravy for my son, he loves it and I knew we werent having it for Thanksgiving, so I made him a pan of that...

What is cooking at your house?  My goal is to cook and not eat out, trying to save money for the holidays...
Speaking of the holidays, I have a very small tree this year, I dont think the big one is coming out...