Friday, January 25, 2013

Book Review....Cheaper, Better, Faster by Mary Hunt

ok, you guys know I love hints and tips...this book is full of them...below is my review copied from my review blog.
Cheaper, Better, Faster:
Over 2,000 Tips and Tricks to Save You Time and Money Every Day
By Mary Hunt
400 pages
Pub Date: January 2013
My review:
Oh my word, I have to say this spoke to my heart.  Your laughing I hear you now, I am serious. I love tips and hints, in fact if you didn't know this already, I have a blog just for tips and hints, look up under the title of this blog, there is a link to that blog. I have been blogging my favorite tips and hints for nearly eight years now, so this book is like the "holy grail" to my tip loving heart.  And it did not disappoint.  Tips for every aspect of your life.  I really think Mary Hunt may be my hero!!  Awesome book, great tips!  If you are a "tip geek" such as myself you will LOVE this book!  Definitely a five star book!
Available January 2013 from your favorite seller of Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing.
This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. 
About the book:
Over 2,000 Ways to Save Time & Money Every Day
Syndicated personal finance columnist Mary Hunt shares over 2,000 tips to make just about everything Cheaper, Better, Faster. Hunt has received thousands of tips and tricks from readers of her daily newspaper column, and she has selected the very best ways to save time and money in this ultimate guide to making life easier.
Cheaper, Better, Faster is all the best advice you've ever heard, collected into one handy volume. Every tip is short, to the point, and helps readers make the most of their money and time, making everyday life less hectic and more enjoyable.
Proven tips on everything from removing hairspray baked onto a curling iron to enjoying gourmet coffee without the gourmet price are included. Readers will learn how to keep their cats from eating their houseplants and know how to get stains out of white carpet.
Hunt hopes the useful and oftentimes humorous information in Cheaper, Better, Faster will help readers spend their money wisely and get creative by using everyday items to achieve the results they need – whether that means finding a wedding gift that won’t break the bank or getting a stain out of a new t-shirt.

Mary Hunt is an award-winning and bestselling author, syndicated columnist and sought-after motivational speaker who created a global platform that is making strides to help men and women battle the epidemic impact of consumer debt. She is founder and publisher of the interactive website Debt-Proof Living, which features financial tools, resources and information for her online members. Her books have sold more than a million copies and her daily newspaper column is nationally syndicated through Creators Syndicate and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of Everyday Cheapskate readers. Hunt speaks widely on personal finance and has appeared on shows such as Good Morning America, Oprah, Dr. Phil and Focus on the Family. She and her husband live in California.