Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saving Change....

so how many of you have a change jar?  We have a beautiful lovely cut crystal goblet/vase that we drop change into, Also when someone pays Dave with change he brings it home to drop in the change adds up nicely.  When I was putting up my Christmas decor and bringing out the other decor I noticed the change jar was full, so I rolled up the coins.  It added up to nearly 15.00.  So I took the rolled money out of the jar and put it in savings...I figure it was money that we didn't really use, no use frittering it away, put it into savings and save for something in particular.

I am car hunting, but I have been for several months, but have decided I will wait for the right deal!  I refuse to pay for a car for 5 plus years...that is crazy, I am tired of it by the time it is paid for.  I also refuse to pay high interest from a get a loan fast place.  The perfect car is out there for me, I will just keep looking.  This is a vehicle for me, my husband has a truck he drives to work daily, (we live 3 miles from the barber shop he owns)  We also own a car that is a salvaged title vehicle that had so much hail damage that the insurance totaled it, we paid it off and kept it, it may have dings but it runs well, this is a small car that I have been sharing with my son, who is an adult and sharing a vehicle is getting old, thus the reason for a car for me.  I am leaning towards a small SUV, that gets good mileage, but it doesn't have to be a new one...leave a comment if you have a vehicle recommendation. 

I would love to hear from you..also we love new followers.  I have been blogging sharing tips and hints since 2005, here on this blog, and even before that on a xanga blog before I moved over here.  There are over 600 posts here with money saving tips and hints, sure I am positive there are repeats, but sometimes hearing it over again, helps us realize where we can save.