Monday, January 06, 2014

Big Savings this week for me at the Grocery

It was a week to stock up on some household items, the pantry and the freezer are full, so I took advantage of the $5.00 off of any participating five items.
The big deal of the day is the Scope.  It is 2.99 then 1.00 off when you buy 5 items, making it 1.99 then Kroger has an e-coupon for 4.50 off 2 bottles so that makes it free, plus a little overage toward something else.
Other bargains I snagged. Charmin 12 double roll pack 6.99 then a 1.00 off with the 5, and a 1.00 ecoupon made it 4.99
Tide was 5.99 1.00 off with the 5 and a 1.50 ecoupon making the 32 load HE bottle 3.49
Oil of Olay body wash (my favorite body wash) was 5.29 then 1.00 off on the 5, and 1.00 ecoupon making it 3.29

I ended up having 10 items in the 5.00 off sale..

My bill before the coupons and discounts was 93.00 and change and after it was 53.87 so nearly 40.00 saved.
I love those kind of deals.

Also I want to say here, if you are into organic products Kroger has been posting LOTS of ecoupons for their organic line.  I do miss double coupons but there is savings to be found there, and I want to thank my friend Paula for giving me a heads up on these bargains!! Yay for both of us, getting great deals and saving money!!