Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where in the WORLD have I been??

Have you asked that? Well, I have been reviewing books, I have been maintaining a blog and website for another author, I have been Facebooking and tweeting for myself and other said, author. That my friends is where I have been.

What are my interests lately. Oh, my I am so glad you were wondering. This girly is really delving into essential oils. I have a favorite company that I buy from and NO it is not a MLM company. I have discovered that oils can help many things, including my poor creaking knees.

I hope you stop by, I will try to be here more.

So leave me a comment and share whether you have tried essential oils, what is your favorite and what do you use them for.

I have one favorite blend from Plant Therapy, called Germ Fighter, it is similar to a four-thieves oil. It has kept me healthy this year, I add it to my body wash so that I am inhaling those good aromas in the hot shower. I also have added it to my counter wipes. Love the stuff!

Share you favorite.
Glad to be back