Friday, January 14, 2005

Saving money on your electric bill..

so what do you do to save on your power bill, we do several things, due to the fact that we are a all electric home, one of the first things we did that saved money was we started line drying our clothes, mainly during the summer, not so much during the winter, I like the extra warmth of the dryer running during the winter, during the winter, our thermostat is set on 70 during the day and at night we turn it down to about 62, during the summer we set it at 78 and if it is really hot 76, keeping it constant like that seems to save us money...we also use the screw in fluorescent bulbs they seem to help with the savings...when it is really breezy and cold I lay a towel in the base of the windows to help block any air leaks....we also follow each other around turning out lights, my next thing I am going to try is unplugging the microwave and vcr and stereo and things like that, that uses power even when not in electric bill was less than 90.00 for December..and we live in a 3 bedroom trailer with a bedroom addition making it 4 bedrooms..