Monday, February 14, 2005

Continuing thoughts...

Welll we went we saw, we liked, we prayed, we prayed....we talked, Dave listened to a awesome message on TV by Bishop Jakes which really spoke to him and we called our Bishop and we accepted the appointment to the church. We will have our first services on February 20th, we are excited!!! The building is nice, we met the neighbor right next to the church, he is a really nice man, said he would see us Sunday :D Dave is there in the area this week job hunting had a great interview today and we are really trusting God he will find a job this week. Our prayer requests or needs would be this, we need to find a place to live, either a cheap rental (that accepts pets) or a travel trailer to set next to the church till we get settled enough to start looking to buy a place...of course Dave needs to find a job, also I emailed a announcement to the newspaper I am praying they got the email and will run the announcement.....The boys and I will go down this weekend and spend the weekend..KEEP us in your prayers..
God Bless