Tuesday, February 15, 2005

God is answering MORE prayers...EXCITEMENT builds

Welll we are excited...God answered my prayers, the paper got the announcement and it will come out in tomorrow's paper!! Also we have been told by one of the guys there, that he has invited several people...so we are excited..and the big news...we will be recieving help to move (financial help) and here is the big news...our district bishop informed our presbyter today that we have a sponsor..WOOOHOOOO!! whoever it is has pledged 50.00 a week (200.00 per month) for Dave and I...PTL!!! EVERY BIT helps...

Welll my darling husband is home from job hunting..and he has a promise of a job as soon as there is a opening...sooo we are very excited, we will be going back on Friday as a family PTL!!!