Friday, March 11, 2005


OHH is is sunny here but windy and cool, we finished up our week of homeschooling and then we went and got haircuts, me and Jarrod, Dave cuts his and John's. Jarrod hates his, but he just hates haircuts and short hair...I swear the boy is a hippie..LOL, I really like mine it is short and sassy...just like me!!!LOL. I got a few more accesories for my living room and it is completely decorated, my house is all in order and looks nice even if I say so myself.

Dave doesnt have to work tomorrow, which is nice, give him some time to rest up and relax. I know that this has been a very rough week for him, so I am glad he is off tomorrow..YEAHHHH wooohoooo!!

I am totally looking forward to Sunday I know that God is stirring and moving in hearts here in Glenwood...cant wait to see what God has in store for us this Sunday!!