Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday again....

Welll what a eventful week, today was a big day for us, we had our "moving in "yardsale...OHH my I am so tired but we sold TONS of stuff...and I am happy happy happy!!Dave is job hunting again, the job at the sawmill was physically too hard for him, which is sad because Dave is such a good employee and highly skilled driving a fork lift but they put him on this other job and his back just couldnt handle all the bending and crawling around under the tables. KEEP us in prayers that he will find a WONDERFUL job, that he likes, that pays well. Pray for our church, we had our first service this week (Wednesday night) where we were the only ones there, we however had a good prayer meeting and just try to encourage each other...We really hope and pray that our family and church is in the prayers of our friends and family.

God Bless You All!!