Monday, April 11, 2005 has been nearly a month

Since I was last here...
Tons has happened, Dave found a job then got a EXCELLENT job offer 2 days later and he took it, and is really liking the job, even though he is driving 30 miles one way. I am very very thrilled about that..
School has been going great, the boys have been working hard!!! We are on a minimal school schedule this week, due to revival at our church I will tell more about that in a bit.
Church is going good, we have had a new family visit twice here lately, and we have 2 regular families. We had a gospel singing this past Friday night (4-8) and had a good turnout, we felt so anyhoo. We are having a revival this week, Sunday thru Friday night, Dave is preaching it, to let people around here get to know him, and know our worship style too. PRAY for us!! Pray for our town, our church and for lives to be changed and touched for JESUS!!!
The Savalot store in town is having a great 19 cent sale so I hit the sale on Friday and stocked up, shouldnt need groceries for a month or so...with the exception of fresh bread and milk.

Well that is the Loven life caught up for a bit..