Thursday, June 09, 2005

some ramblings and a hint or two

Welll we are recovered from our sit in the hot van, and PTL the air conditioner is fixed in the house now, 3 days of no air conditioning in June in AR in a mobile home equals HOT HOT HOT!!! My oldest son is now 12 years old and we have celebrated that, a day late (his birthday was on the day the van broke down) We also have a trip planned for Magic Springs. (Thanks to gramma for the season passes) It is raining a bit here or it was..just a spring shower that made everything hotter and muggier...such fun..LOL.

I am cooking some chicken bones for dinner...heheh I bet you think I have lost my mind, but Memorial Day weekend our local grocery store had Split Fryer breast for 79 cents a pound, so I bought a BIG package, I then cut the meat off the bone and made boneless skinless breast, well there was still lots of meat on the bones so I threw them in the freezer to cook up later for a casserole and today is the day. Will debone them and make a chicken and rice casserole with them. YUMMY!!!

Wondering about something, have you seen the commericals for the New Coldwater Tide, well I was wondering why a person couldnt dissolve their powder in a cup of hot water, and add it to a cold wash? wondering wouldnt that clean just as well, and save money on the hot water heater...would LOVE to hear your comments about this...I pray you are all having a good day..Keep us in your prayers..~Cindy~