Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Welllll...After a wild day yesterday...

We are home...I dont think me or the boys wanna go anywhere for a while..LOL. The boys had been at my MIL's for a week, and I went to pick them up, then we spent the night with my mom and dad, and got up Tuesday morning and went and picked green beans ans also picked blueberries, and then we began our trip home, and we got about a hour from mom and dad's and my van started loosing power and it just DIED, right there in the middle of the road, I did get it pulled over and OF course it was in a dead spot for my cell phone. A lady in a truck came by and took us to her house and we called my parents and they got there, and Dad was pretty sure it was my battery, so we had to drive 28 miles to Mt Ida and got a new one...ACK!! it was expensive...UGHH...anyhooo after that back and put it in, anyhooo and on home, it was about 7 pm when we got home, 7 hours after we started was HOT and humid sitting in the van waiting for mom and dad...I am just glad we are HOME and that we dont have anywhere to go for a few days..

Keep us in your prayers!!