Sunday, September 24, 2006

Menu's for the week...

Monday Lunch...sandwich me..boys ramen

Dinner bbq hamburger and beans..with cornbread

Tuesday Lunch homemade cheese pizza

Dinner Spaghetti with homemade bread sticks and green beans

Wednesday Lunch me left overs, boys mac and cheese

Dinner Pork steaks, mashed potatoes and black eye peas

Thursday Lunch sandwich me, boys PBJ sandwich

Dinner Soft tacos (made with shredded roast beef) and refried beans

Friday Lunch Lefts overs or sandwiches for boys and me

Dinner Cowboy casserole

For breakfast we generally eat cereal (cold for the boys) I usually eat hot cereal or eggs..

One thing menu planning has helped me with is eating leftovers and freezing last week I made refried beans, but we had lots left over so I froze them and will use them again this week..

I spent a LOT more than 20.00 this week on groceries...I spent about 80.00, but I got ALOT of meat for the freezer (5 roasts, 10 pounds of ground beef) That will go along ways for meals for the rest of the month and into November also..