Monday, February 26, 2007

Trying a new recipe

okies I am going to try this new recipe it should be fairly inexpensive...

I have a half a pound of bacon(was 2.00 a pound so half is 1.00) spaghetti was 50 cents a package sour cream was 1.00 for the carton and I need a fourth of the carton so .25 the cup and half of milk will be .52 cents. The flour will just be pennies...maybe 10 cents worth I have dried garlic and dried onions which will be not even a nickels worth (very inexpensive 50 cents a jar)

so like for 2.50 (rounding up) my main course is finished and it should serve the four of us with maybe left overs. I will add a can of biscuits(1.00) which will be cut and rolled in some butter and garlic powder and dusted with some parmesian I will prolly use about 50 cents worth for the entire meal. Then there will be 3 cans of green bean (1.00) so for 5.00 I have a meal for us, and there will be left over spaghetti and green beans (enough for a left over lunch) so right at 1.00 per portion.