Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today was good...

Today we had our first annual kids day at our church, we had 22 in attendance and 14 of those were kids!! The whole service was just for kids, we had object lessons, puppet shows and skits, the youth did a black light song, and we had a special guest (my hubby plays a hilarious hillbilly) Then we served lunch, every child there recieved a gift and candy and lunch was followed by root beer was a blast..heheh I am worn OUT!!! NOW I know that there are some prolly thinking so what 22, but this is a church restart, our church had been closed, so it is like starting a new church with ONE major drawback, we have to overcome the previous history of the church...**rolls eyes** And after having had MANY services in the past 2 years where there was only the 4 in my family 22 is a crowd..:D...Keep on praying for our church and for Dave and I... Also we are praying for the Lord to send us in key leadership families, he has sent us one in so far but we need MORE!!!