Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Sitting here waiting for my boys to get home from VBS....one of the local churches is having VBS this week and they are having a youth class, and the kids from our church went last night and today when we were practicing (we are doing a black light song for KIDS Day at our church on July 1st) they invited the boys...so the church van came and picked them up and I hope they enjoy it..I wonder about my boys, because ya know boys are so different than girls..and all my experience as a teenager myself is from a girl's perspective. My boys are very quiet and very unemotional about church well mostly about life in general..Dave and I had a really serious talk with them a couple months back about the fact that they couldnt go to heaven on mom and dad's relationship..I am teaching a class for the Youth now about relationships...I hope it helps all of them to draw closer to God. I have 5 in my class from 11 to 14 years old, 2 boys and 3 girls..They are all good kids, not much trouble at all and I do enjoy teaching the youth..I also enjoy getting together with them and do things like we did today, practicing the song, for black light presentation (sign language and motions)Last week I picked up the girls and we went out to the church and cleaned it and then I took them all swimming...heheheh *snorts* I know there were prolly saints rolling over in their graves over "mixed bathing" but everyone was modest...tshirts on, and shorts (girls wore shorts instead of suits) anyhooo..we all had a good time.
You know we have been at our church 2 years and 4 months and we have gone from 5 to 14, but I still feel like a big part of our growth will come in just being faithful and staying here..our church was closed for a few months before we reopened it, but it is was originally started in 1993, 14 years ago, and during that time they had one pastor stay 8 years, and the church was doing good, but he left and then they had 4 pastors and one interim in the 4 years between the one pastor and us coming...that is too much...I get excited thinking about what God is going to do..
Well join us in prayer for the mighty move of God in this area..