Thursday, June 07, 2007

welll just some rambling since I havent blogged in a while

have you seen the commercial for some new diggy camera about dad not being a horses behind...that commercial IRKS me...big time IRKS me..the media and Hollyweird try to make men seem in as bad light as possible...My hubby is a mighty man of God not some little weinter man..makes me aggravated..heheh ok climbing off my soap box..

Another disappointment this week...Lady Vol's got beat in the NCAA Softball World Series...I was soo sure they would win..the pitcher was awesome Abbot (cant remember her first name) anyhooo we really enjoyed watching the playoffs and the World Series..this is the first year we watched it and it was really good..

Today my oldest son turned 14...oh my how did that happen...we had a super low key day, the gift he asked for is a DVD that wont be out until the week after Fathers Day we went and got the boys a free float at Sonic (plus a 99 cents one too) they really like root beer floats...anyhooo that is about it..tomorrow my sunday school class (youth class) is going to clean the church then we are going to the lake for a few hours..
You all have a great weekend..