Friday, December 28, 2007

My biscuit recipe

okies I dont measure much so I am kinda guessing....
2 and half cups of self rising flour (you can use all purpose and add your own baking soda and powder and salt)
I also add about a tblsp of baking powder to make it really fluffy and light
I add a couple of tblspoons of oil (I use coconut oil which hardens when it is cool, and I just crumble it up in the flour)
I add milk and stir to the consistency I need it..probably about a cup and half for rolling them out(start with a cup then add more if you need it), and 2 cups for making them pourable to put in muffin tins. If I roll them out I turn them out onto a well floured surface, the important thing about making biscuits is not to overwork your dough, that makes tough biscuits.
I bake them at 350 in a grease pan (or muffin tins)
**some notes to add about my biscuits, I use powdered milk most of the time, or sometimes evaporated milk, saving my regular milk for drinking, also if I am out of coconut oil, I use regular vegetable oil or shortening, I dont notice any difference between them, my mom makes her biscuits with just milk and flour and they are great if they are hot, but hard as rocks when they get cold**
that was about as clear as mud I know..sorry I dont work from a regular recipe