Thursday, December 27, 2007

My grocery shopping habits

we spend about 250 for a family of four, (this includes our tolietries and dog food)2 of those being teenage boys, who EAT...ROFL..we live 30 miles from the big groceries, however my hubby does drive to work there every day so I have him stop and get the 5 for 19.95 (5 packages of meat for 19.95) we buy the biggest packages in this special, it is all types of meat and that is our meat for the week. My hubby takes his lunch to work daily so we do buy chips to go with his sandwiches, but we have me different brands for 1.00 a bag or pringles are a 1.00 a can. Very important do not forget your dollar stores such at Dollar General or Family Dollar for groceries. I get sugar, flour, oil and lots of canned goods MUCH cheaper there than I can at the grocery, we are not brand name folks either. I try to make meals that I can remake into different meals with left overs..such as making chili and then using the left overs for chili mac, or soup. We eat casseroles, and soups, and also meatless meals, we also eat breakfast for dinner about every other week, where we have biscuits, gravy and eggs, sometimes breakfast meat, but not often. I dont buy cereal with the exception of oatmeal, (my mil does often send my kids boxes and boxes of cereal ROFL) With the exception of my husband, none of us are breakfast eaters, we usually eat things like ramen or mac and cheese (boys) for lunches I tend to make my favorite soups (like cream of broccoli or creamy potato soup) and eat them for my lunch.
I live in a small town with one grocery store, we tend to have the same sales that are offered at Harvest Food groceries stores. With my husband picking up the meat and me doing the veggies and extras at the local store here, it all evens up fairly well.. I do most of my cooking from scratch with the exception of mac and cheese and ramen noodles. My boys (hubby) included all love homemade biscuits and it is something I make at least 3 times a week or more, I have found a way that is easier on myself to do this..I mix up my biscuit dough, and make it just a wee bit runnier than normal, and then I put in muffin tins that well greased instead of rolling it out, uses less flour that way because I make it a bit runnier.. and my boys really like I can add a egg and spices and fruit to the same concept to make muffins..
Okies that is my book for the day..ROFL