Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saving Money with coupons??

what are some of your favorite coupons sites??
Do you print your own coupons from coupon sites?
Do you buy (well pay someone for clipping coupons for you?)

I personally use the link I posted a while back to see each week what coupons are coming out in the newspaper to determine if I want to buy a paper or not, I only use coupons on things I ALWAYS buy or on a product I have been wanting to try out (generally trying my best to find one that doesnt require me to buy a HUGE size of that product)
I generally buy lots of generic items but sometimes, if you watch you can find name brands cheaper, which is great if it something you use.
I would love to hear about your coupon usage.

Ohh FYI, I reset my counter and made it unhidden, so it reminds me to check my traffic patterns more often..ROFL